We are Paysoft

Paysoft is a financial technology leader specialising in payment, collection and data-verification solutions to companies of all sizes in the South African market.  We provide both Web-based and API-driven solutions to allow your business to integrate with our platform in a convenient and secure fashion.

As a result of our high transaction volumes, we are able to obtain lower transaction rates with the banks… resulting in significant savings for our clients.

Rika Kruger


Rika Kruger

Our smallest-volume client makes just 3 payments per month, but we love the fact that switching to us saved them R900 in business online banking fees… every month.

Our combined transaction volumes allow us to offer you fees that are lower than you will get directly from the banks.

We would love the opportunity to see how we help your business innovate or save money… or both!

What We Do

We offer a range of services designed to offer you a faster, friendlier and more affordable way to process payments and collections.  Irrespective of the size of your business, we have a solution for you: from single real-time transactions via our secure Web-based interface through to large-volume batch processing via our FTP and API facilities.

Payment Services


EFT Credits (also known as EFT payments) allow you to process wages, salaries and other payments using our high-speed, high-volume Web platform or API facilities.

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Paysoft cards are bank account-backed debit cards that are perfect as a cash replacement. Transfer funds to the card and use it at ATMs and point-of sale.

Collection Services


Debit orders (also known as EFT debits) allow you to process debit instructions on an account in response to an agreement (or mandate) with the account-holder.  Collect subscription fees, insurance premiums, loan repayments and much more with our high-volume service.


DebiCheck is an enhanced version of the debit order service.  It replaces the NAEDO service, which is being phased out by South African banks, and provides an additional customer-authenticated electronic mandate to the debit order model.  All mandates will now be recorded, managed and verified electronically.


NAEDO is an enhanced debit order service which processes in the debit order period immediately after a salary run. It can track a debtor’s account for a number of days should there be insufficient funds in the account on the mandated date.

Verification and Data Services


Banks charge for transactions that are rejected due to invalid account details. Save money by using our BAV service to verify the details before submitting them in payment or collection transactions. We offer both batch and real-time BAV.


Our ID Verify service is able to confirm the validity of supplied names and national identification number combinations by checking against the South African Department of Home Affairs database.  The service allows for single or batch look-ups and can be integrated into your own systems via our API.

Specialised Services


Paysoft Flow offers clients a fully-automated system, integrated with Xero Accounting, for processing bulk-EFT payments and debit orders while providing significant cost- and time-savings for your company.

Proud finalist for the Xero South African App of the Year Award 2024

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Paysoft Impact provides the ultimate debit order solution designed exclusively for Nonprofits and Educational Institutions.

Our platform offers full automation of debit orders, mandate collection and the provision of 18A certificates.

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