About Us

Our Directors

Hennie le Roux

Hennie has extensive experience in the banking industry and in particular, in electronic fund transfers. His career started in 1985 as an accountant at Saambou Bank. Prior to founding Paysoft, Hennie was the Managing Executive for Payaccsys, a member of the Kelly Group. Hennie can be contacted at hennie@paysoft.co.za

Our Goals

Paysoft aims to provide clients with the benefit of discounted volume rates for credit and debtor payment processes.

Our Staff

The qualifying criterion for working at PaySoft is passion. We only employ people who are passionate about their jobs, their clients, their own development and the long-term best interest of all Paysoft stakeholders.

Our Agents

Paysoft has several authorised agents that are allowed to sell our products in the market. Our agents are chosen based on their knowledge, capabilities and ability to add value to our clients. Existing agents are for example payroll administrators, payroll software providers, credit consultants or businesses that specialise in related products. Contact us at agents@paysoft.co.za to enquire about how to become a Paysoft agent.

Our Partners

Paysoft partners are service providers with proven service delivery capabilities. We have taken great care with our partner selection initiative. As partners we help each other to expand our reach, increase our revenue and deliver quality services to our clients. Read more about our Partners on our Partner Page.

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