Automate your collections

Cash is the oxygen that enables a business to survive and prosper, and is often used as the primary indicator of business health.

For this reason, the inflow of cash to a business needs careful monitoring and management. One of the key elements of a cash flow and debtor management cycle is the use of efficient debtor payment mechanisms, such as debit orders. Most companies should insist on payment by debit order, especially when terms are granted to clients.

Paysoft offers a highly secure and cost-effective debit order collection system where users can sign on and upload debtor account files through unique access-controlled authorisation levels.

You can add and process debit orders against all South African bank accounts – debits can be made against current, cheque, savings and transmission accounts – and our automatic CDV (check-digit verification) system pre-validates bank accounts to determine if account numbers are consistent with bank and branch validations. This ensures the accurate capturing of data, prior to submitting transactions to the bank, reducing returned or rejected transactions, and the associated costs.  Once processed, batch reports are provided to manage and measure successful and returned debit orders.

Multiple settlement options are available, or you may opt to run in your own account.

Paysoft will guide new clients through the process of obtaining the correct legal customer mandates required to process correctly-authorised debit order payments.

A key objective of all Paysoft products is to reduce cost and to increase the effectiveness of the total credit cycle. Returned debit order files are analysed by our expert credit consultants who will assist each client with additional strategies to deal with each different returned debtor category.

We can take the hassle out of your collections.

Let us show you how…

How it works




We offer lower per-transaction fees that you may be used to and also pre-check account details to reduce the number of returned transactions.  You can combine your debit order workflow with our account-holder verification service for additional peace-of-mind.



Assign users to different roles, each with their own permissions and capabilities, to ensure compliance with your risk management policies.

Superb Support

Superb Support

Our knowledgeable support team will be standing by to provide assistance if you have any queries.



You control your own batches which may be loaded to our system in a number of ways: on-platform, file upload, secure FTP, API or integration with your own systems.  We also offer multiple settlement options, or you may run in your own account.



All financial data is encrypted and housed in a category-5 biometrically-secured data centre. Our data assets are protected by iris-scan identification systems, day/night vision cameras and more.  Our systems are regularly audited by our banking partners.


Comprehensive Reporting

Your feedback data is at your fingertips. Exportable batch and audit reports are provided to manage and measure successful and rejected debit orders.

Related Services


DebiCheck is an enhanced version of the debit order service.  It replaces the NAEDO service, which is being phased out by South African banks, and provides an additional customer-authenticated electronic mandate to the debit order model.  All mandates will now be recorded, managed and verified electronically.


NAEDO is an enhanced debit order service which processes in the debit order period immediately after a salary run. It can track a debtor’s account for a number of days should there be insufficient funds in the account on the mandated date.


Banks charge for transactions that are rejected due to invalid account details. Save money by using our BAV service to verify the details before submitting them in payment or collection transactions. We offer both batch and real-time BAV.