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Please note that as per the SARB Directive contained in notice R. 472, as of 1 May 2021, no new, extended or renegotiated AEDO or NAEDO collection agreements may be concluded within the debit order system.

This forms part of the sunsetting process for the NAEDO service as the migration to DebiCheck gathers pace.

Paysoft is one of the leading providers of Debicheck services – speak to us about migrating from NAEDO, or initiating a new DebiCheck facility.

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Debit orders (also known as EFT debits) allow you to process debit instructions on an account in response to an agreement (or mandate) with the account-holder.  Collect subscription fees, insurance premiums, loan repayments and much more with our high-volume service.


DebiCheck is an enhanced version of the debit order service.  It replaces the NAEDO service, which is being phased out by South African banks, and provides an additional customer-authenticated electronic mandate to the debit order model.  All mandates will now be recorded, managed and verified electronically.


Banks charge for transactions that are rejected due to invalid account details. Save money by using our BAV service to verify the details before submitting them in payment or collection transactions. We offer both batch and real-time BAV.