Reduce your “rejected transaction” costs

Save on your transaction costs by reducing the number of transactions that are returned or rejected due to incorrect account details.

Our automatic CDV (check-digit verification) will pre-validate bank accounts to determine if account numbers are consistent with bank and branch validations.  This aspect of the service runs on our platform and is free to all bank account verification (BAV) clients.

The BAV service then submits and verifies details with the banks to significantly reduce the risk of setting up debit orders against invalid or dormant accounts, or making payments into incorrect accounts.

Bank account verification is done by providing a positive or negative response to the following information:

  • Account number is valid
  • ID number/company registration number matches
  • Initials and surname/company name matches
  • The cellphone number registered on the account
  • The Email address registered on the account
  • Current or savings account is open
  • Account has been open for more than three months
  • Account accepts debits
  • Account accepts credits.

BAV is available as a batch or real-time service and can be integrated into your systems via our API.

You can use BAV as a pre-paid service with monthly or as-needed top-ups, or you can apply for monthly billing.

We can save you money.

Let us show you how…

How it works



Lower costs

We pre-validate any account details you upload using our free check-digit validation service, and will then charge you highly-competitive rates for each BAV query. Using BAV will save on your costs of having transactions returned or rejected when doing EFT payment or running debit orders.



Use our secure Web-based platform or our API to integrate our services into your own systems, and submit the requests as a batch or as real-time requests.



All financial data is encrypted and housed in a biometrically-secured category-5 data centre. Our data assets are protected by iris-scan identification systems, day/night vision cameras and more. Our systems are regularly audited by our banking partners.

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