Payments made easy

Paysoft offers a highly secure and cost-effective electronic fund transfer (EFT) payment system – perfect for payroll and creditor payments.

Aside from our lowered transaction costs, our automatic CDV (check-digit validation) system pre-validates bank accounts to confirm that account numbers are consistent with bank and branch rules, thereby reducing the number of returned or rejected transactions.

While you can load beneficiaries and process single transactions, we also support approximately 80 different file formats for batch importing and processing of large-volume transactions. If none of those file formats work for you, we can create a bespoke format for you.

Payments can be processed through all South African banks. We can also make payments to Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibian bank accounts.

The service can cater for real-time, same-day, one-day (overnight) or future-dated payments.

Save money. Be a hero.

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How it works




All financial data is encrypted and housed in a category-5 biometrically-secured data centre. Our data assets are protected by iris-scan identification systems, day/night vision cameras and more.  Our systems are regularly audited by our banking partners.



Process single or batch transactions. Use our secure Web-based platform or our API to integrate our services into your own systems.

Superb Support

Superb Support

Our helpful, knowledgeable support team will be able to provide assistance if you have any queries during the payment process.


Lower Costs

Aside from lower per-transaction fees, we also pre-check account details to reduce the number of returned transactions. You can also couple this with our bank account verification service for additional peace-of-mind.



Assign your administrators to different user roles, each with their own permissions and capabilities.


Comprehensive Reporting

Your feedback data is at your fingertips. Exportable batch and audit reports are provided to manage and measure successful and rejected payments.

Related Services


Banks charge for transactions that are rejected due to invalid account details. Save money by using our BAV service to verify the details before submitting them in payment or collection transactions. We offer both batch and real-time BAV.


Our ID Verify service is able to confirm the validity of supplied names and national identification number combinations by checking against the South African Department of Home Affairs database.  The service allows for single or batch look-ups and can be integrated into your own systems via our API.


Paysoft cards are bank account-backed debit cards that are perfect as a cash replacement. Transfer funds to the card and use it at ATMs and point-of sale.