Automated transactions made easy

Paysoft Flow offers clients a fully-automated system for processing bulk EFT payments while providing significant cost and time savings for your company.

You can make salary or other custom batch payments using the Payments feature of Paysoft Flow – these can be generated from Xero Accounting or by using our file upload facility.

Paysoft Flow also offers a highly secure and cost-effective debit order collection system where users can sign on and upload debtor account files through unique access-controlled authorisation levels.

You can add and process debit orders against all South African bank accounts – debits can be made against current, cheque, savings and transmission accounts – and our automatic CDV (check-digit verification) system pre-validates bank accounts to determine if account numbers are consistent with bank and branch validations.

This ensures the accurate capturing of data, prior to submitting transactions to the bank, reducing returned or rejected transactions, and the associated costs. Once processed, batch reports are provided to manage and measure successful and returned debit orders.

Paysoft Flow is a subsidiary of Paysoft (Pty) Ltd

Seamless Xero integration

When integrated with Xero, you will be able to select and pay multiple bills from different suppliers in the Awaiting Payments tab, within Paysoft Flow.

Once the funds are received in Paysoft Flow, it will automatically reconcile all the invoices in the connected Xero organization.

Xero Accounting is the financial management tool of choice for many small businesses worldwide. Paysoft Flow integrates seamlessly with Xero to streamline collections and payments directly from the businesses accounting software.

Not only does this reduce risk of any missed collections and payments, but also provides a massive time-saving component with our auto-reconciliation feature.


Paysoft Flow was a proud finalist for the Xero South African App of the Year Award 2024

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