Supercharge your monthly giving

Discover the ultimate debit order solution designed exclusively for Nonprofits and Educational Institutions.

Drawing on invaluable client feedback, we’ve reimagined debit orders for nonprofits. We’ve created a platform that simplifies every aspect of the process, empowering you to focus on your mission.

Meet Paysoft Impact.

Fully Automated Monthly Processing and Beyond

Experience the power of automation with our platform. From loading and processing debit orders to managing annual increases and generating essential tax certificates, Paysoft Impact handles it all seamlessly. Plus, stay connected with your donors through personalized renewal notices and detailed monthly reports.

Invest in Sustainable Fundraising

Unlock the potential of sustainable fundraising with debit orders. Invest in the lasting impact of recurring donations, with an impressive average lifetime value that speaks volumes about the sustainability of this method of fundraising.

Transform your fundraising strategy today with Paysoft Impact. Experience the ease of automated debit orders and unleash the full potential of your organization’s mission.

Paysoft Impact is a subsidiary of Paysoft (Pty) Ltd

Impactful Features

Automated debit order collections

Our fully-automated debit order service includes loading and processing of debit orders, managing annual increases, generating 18A tax certificates, sending renewal notices to your donors, as well as providing monthly reports.

Customisable eMandates

The Paysoft Impact platform offers fully-customizable Electronic Mandates. Your organization can incorporate its corporate identity, logo, banner image, 18A tax certificate options, and much more, ensuring a personalized and branded experience for your donors.

Sign-up forms embedded on your own Web site

We’ve taken great care to prioritize your donors’ peace of mind and trust in your organization.

Our stylish and functional electronic mandate debit order forms can be customized to your corporate identity and then seamlessly embedded on your website. This allows you to provide your donors with a unique and reassuring experience, ensuring they never have to leave your site when signing up to contribute.

18A Certificates

We have transformed the process of generating a Section 18A tax certificate into a one-click process for your administrator.

We have fully automated the bulk issuing of 18A tax certificates for debit order donations made through Paysoft Impact.

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